By Fred A. Parkinson

The Silverton Collection Arriving in Silverton with his family at age two, the author, Fred A. Parkinson, grew up in the little town then known as the “Gateway to the Falls.” After years away from his home town, he is now retired and again lives in Silverton.

He currently serves as chairman of the local Historic Landmarks Commission. Fred is also Vice-President of the Silverton Country Historical Society, where he hosts at the local museum, performs research, and contributes local history articles to the society newsletter.

He was selected as SCHS Volunteer of the Year for 2014. Over the last few years, he has researched many older buildings in town for appreciative owners and has presented two programs so far dealing with one of his favorite historical subjects, Silverton’s rich architectural heritage.

Parkinson has volunteered with the Silverton Country Historical Society for over ten years. This has allowed him to fine-tune his service by hosting at the museum, performing research and by writing newsletter stories. After volunteers provided the requested information, they suggested that he write a story about it for the society newsletter. “The Silverton Hotel” was soon published in the February 2012 edition, prompting him to investigate other aspects of Silverton history. As a result, he's researched and written articles appearing in forty issues of the newsletter since 2012.

By Fred A. Parkinson
(ISBN: 978-0-9858919-6-1)
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