The Issue of Today - Pictured by Homer Davenport

Homer C. Davenport
Homer C. Davenport; Late of Silverton
THE DOLLAR OR THE MAN, Pictured by Homer Davenport, with an introduction by Horace L. Trumbull. Boston. Small, Maynard & Co. Pp. 140 Price, $20.00.

This is a book of illustrations, or cartoons, drawn by Homer Davenport, which originally appeared in the New York Journal. The publisher says in his preface that “They are here reproduced through the co-operation of William R. Hearst, whose courtesy the artist, the editor and publisher, in common, recognize, and wish in this way to acknowledge.” Mr. Davenport says: “This book is dedicated to my boy, Homer Clyde Davenport, in the hope that if he ever becomes a legislator he will bear in mind the interests of the plain people.”

Mr. Davenport is probably the ablest cartoonist in America, and his work exhibits great genius in that line, and of course he is a Freethinker, as all men of genius are. He is a cousin of our Silverton friend, Pearl W. Geer, of the Liberal University.

Limited Annotated Edition by
Gus Frederick
(ISBN: 978-0-9858919-3-0)
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